Indiana divorce as an exciting event

Indiana divorce as an exciting event

It is sad to admit, but the number of divorces is continually growing in Indiana State. It’s amazing how once madly in love people realize that they want reasons to break off their relationship for various because at first, they couldn’t even imagine that they would ever want to part. However, what do we know about divorces? Scientists around the world regularly research to find the formula for an ideal marriage. And that’s what they managed to find out.

1. Age does matter.

Researchers at the University of Utah found that, based on the age at which the marriage is concluded, it is possible to predict how successful the union will be and how likely the divorce will be. Studies have shown that the most suitable age for marriage is from 28 to 32 years. By entering into marriage at this age, the probability of divorce is reduced to a minimum.

2. Women are more likely to file for divorce than men.

It turns out that in most cases women are the initiators of the divorce process. It is evident that women more often than men cease to arrange their family life and the behavior of their spouses.

3. There are two peak periods in a year when divorces happen.

Statistics show that twice a year the number of divorces reaches its peak.  Most divorces occur in March and August.

4. There is a relationship between the cost of wedding rings and the duration of the marriage.

Surprising and inexplicable, but true. When the cost of rings is 2000-4000 $, then the marriage is more likely to break. At the same time, couples who spend on rings from $ 500 to $ 2,000 are more prone to happy family life. However, when the price exceeds $ 8,000, the divorce rate drops again. And those who did not buy rings at all, oddly enough, are considered the most durable pairs.

5. Communication is the primary indicator.

The researchers found that the more time partners spend together – the stronger their relationship. Constant communication on topics unrelated to family, joint rest and common interests bring people together and strengthen ties.

Of course, scientists have not yet managed to derive the exact formula for creating a healthy and happy marriage, but this is already something!

Can the dissolution of marriage be painless? It seems the answer is obvious. Survive this event is very difficult for all family members, especially children.

Don’t let anger take hold of you.

Many studies have shown that parents guided by certain principles can facilitate the experience of children in this challenging period. It is impossible to allow anger to determine your actions.

If you have children, you can’t just slam the door and leave. In one way or another, you will have to continue working on relationships. You will no longer be a married couple, but you will always be parents. And even though you will live in different homes, you will still be engaged in raising children.

Also, it is important to remember that hate prevents you from being happy. Even if someone has mistreated you, hatred will not stifle your pain. And it will not help your children survive the separation of their parents. Well, the pain of children will hurt you.

Act together

Playful mother lifting daughter overhead on sofa

Parents should work together to ensure that the divorce is the least painful for all parties. The focus should be the well-being of children.

According to sociologists, when parents avoid conflicts and make joint efforts to ensure that a divorce passes without sacrifice, they usually achieve success.

It is difficult to imagine, but almost half of all marriages end by divorce. Moreover, nearly all former spouses say that they were deceived or betrayed. There are a lot of other reasons why the family is collapsing. About 60% of couples continue to communicate after the divorce process in social networks. This is a huge mistake. If there is an ordinary child, then friendship in social networks can still be explained, but in another case, the relationship should be terminated.

Why should you follow the news of the person and communicate with?

Statistic says that if one partner smokes and the second does not, the marriage will end by divorce in 91% of cases. It is a mistake to believe that if a person leaves the union for the sake of someone else, then he will be happy. Such a marriage is more likely to be destroyed.

And another 80% of people regret the divorce in the first marriage. Scientists from the United States noted an interesting fact. Couples who have a girl a first child were divorced 40% more often than those who have boys. It’s quite natural that the more times a person gets divorced, the more likely he is to do it again. But among the 1001 couples who have found happiness after a divorce, about 6% are those who have tied the bonds with their former partner still.

To make it easier for children to survive your divorce, you need to keep in touch with them always. Even if you cannot overcome the hatred of your partner, do not stop communicating with children.

Many of the problems faced by children after the divorce of their parents are related to the money issue. If the mother or father has to solve it alone, the child often suffers from many restrictions. The parent does not have enough money to pay for the education of the children in a decent institution, for tutors, music lessons and so on. Therefore, regardless of who the child is with, do not forget to provide it.

Children will feel more comfortable if everything is in order with you. So try to cope with the stress caused by the divorce process. Chat with friends, go to a psychologist or take a course of relaxing massage. Healthy sleep and regular workouts can also help.

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